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Career guidance components in basic education

13 November 2018 @ 14:30 - 16:30


Career Guidance Components in Basic Education.

Examples of Career Education Lessons within the Curriculum.

Workshop leader

Stefania Hrivnakova, expert at State Vocational Institute, Slovakia; Educator and Trainer in thematic instruction, dual system of education, basic level education curricula and career development of the basic education students.


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Goal of the workshop

The workshop is aimed at four career components in basic education that teachers can easily integrate within the curricula subjects.

Description of the workshop

Large number of unemployed young people in Europe demands new approaches and roles in career guidance.

Preparing the students for world of work and for the occupational work generally involves new approaches.

Traditional professional distinction between teachers (addressing the curriculum) and career guidance professionals (addressing the career choices) does not lead to expected results.

The teachers, besides their educational roles, overtake also the role of career guide.

They need to do it in the framework of their subjects and interconnect academic content skills with the world of work.

Four components of the students’ career development are demonstrated on practical lessons or blocks of lessons.

The role of cooperation of employers in education is stressed.

Practical example of cooperation with the employers in education are introduced.

Target group

Teachers, career guidance counsellors, employers




13 November 2018
14:30 - 16:30