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Counselling and personal development

13 November 2018 @ 11:30 - 13:30


Counselling and personal development, the chlorophyll of the future, career and life –

an unforgettable experience

Workshop leader

PhD. Marcela Claudia Călineci – school/career counsellor and school psychologist, trainer with over 10 years experience in working with adults.

Her initial training in Educational Sciences and Psychology (as a graduate of 2 faculties) is further deepened within a MA in Career Counselling and another one in Human Resources.

Her PhD thesis (September 2012) approaches the Quality assurance models in guidance and counselling.

Her professional experience includes consultancy and training sessions in human resources (Centre Education 2000+, Soros Open Network), as well as in specialized topics: personal development, stress management, creativity, team building, emotional intelligence, motivation for performance, personal branding, organizational culture.

She has been involved in developing learning and training resources as well as in European projects, in partnership with the different organizations.

She was 7 years Manager of the Municipal Centre for Psycho-pedagogical Assistance Bucharest (MCPA), responsible for the guidance and counselling network.


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Goal of the workshop

This workshop aims to bring together participants who are willing to share practical experiences and theoretical approaches, to learn in a different,funny and creative ways about counselling and personal development, to become empowered with techniques, methods and attitudes regarding this curriculum in classroom with essential pillars such as: self-knowledge and a balanced, healthy lifestyle, social-emotional development, learning and career management.

Description of the workshop

It is an adequate context (leader/facilitator, space, time and people) to find and to re-discover important elements for career guidance, future and life.

Why? Because we believe in this process of guidance and counselling which transforms, changes, enriches and makes people more enthusiastic, more involved, more confident happier and healthier individuals who know who they are, what they want to do in the future, who have dreams they want to accomplish, who that does not give up, who cherish life experiences.

The workshop is based on a solid expertise in counselling and personal development for the school curriculum (new gymnasium curriculum), especially career guidance and counselling in Romania.

During to the workshop the participants are challenged in an attractive manner to pass through their personal filter the proposed activities, in individual, group and frontal approaches.

The attendees will be invited to participate to discussions and will be involved in short experiments and experiential learning.

We will jointly create ad-hoc educational resources spontaneously so that we reach the target group with whom we work to increase quality in education and counseling.

Target group

Career counsellors, career guidance practitioners, school counsellors/ psychologists, techears, educational experts and managers, stakeholders




13 November 2018
11:30 - 13:30