Hosts of the 2018 CBS

The 2018 Cross-Border Seminar is organized by the Institute of Educational Sciences and Euroguidance Romania and will take place on 13-14 November, in Bucharest, Romania.

The Institute of Educational Sciences (ISE) is a national research, development, innovation and training institution in the fields of education and youth. ISE is a research body under the Ministry of Education and actively contributes in innovation in education, supporting schools and universities, decision-makers, teachers, students, parents, children and adults along the long life learning process.

ISE is engaged in research in theory of education, educational and youth policies, curriculum design and implementation, school management, counselling and guidance, youth sociology, students at risk education, adult education, pre-school education, educational alternatives.

One of the main activities of ISE is the scientific coordination of the national curriculum components development and revision as part of the process of reform of the national system of education.

ISE is organized in laboratories: Curriculum, Counseling and Educational Management, Educational Policies, Theory of Education, Research for Youth.


Euroguidance Romania is a resource center for school and career counselors from the education system, employment agencies, NGO`s, companies. The researchers of the Counseling and Educational Management Laboratory at ISE are members of Euroguidance Romania since 1999.

Euroguidance Romania promotes the European dimensions in counseling and guidance, provides information on education and training systems and opportunities in EU.

Euroguidance Romania cooperates with other European networks (ELGPN, EURES, Eurodesk, Eurydice, Europass, ENIC-NARIC, EQF, Europe Direct) and national and international organizations in the field of education and training.